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Frequently Asked Questions: Short-Term Insurance

Why Might I need Short-Term Medical Insurance?

There may be some unavoidable gaps in your health insurance coverage. For example, you may have been on a group policy and are expecting to join another when you change jobs. Perhaps there is a delay between starting a new job and getting enrolled. Short-term medical plans are a sensible precaution. Just in case!

Who Should I Turn To?

If you have existing health insurance (including group)* explain the circumstances to your insurer, e.g. change of employer or house move. Even so, contact Compass Health Agency to help you explore the health insurance marketplace and obtain a competitive quote. *Your insurance may be portable.

How Long Is 'Short-Term'?

You should try to be certain of when your ‘new’ policy needs to commence. Short-term individual medical insurance plans are essential if you need coverage during a gap period. They can run anywhere from 1 to 12 months. Call Compass Health Agency for a competitive Short-Term Medical insurance quote.

Do Short-Term Insurance Plans Avoid The Tax Penalties Under the ACA?

NO, and they should not be regarded as a potential escape route. If you are unavoidably uninsured for a brief period, they are a valuable way of maintaining coverage at an uncertain time.

Are The Terms The Same As QHC Policies?

Generally speaking, yes but there may be some limitations e.g. in the annual or total payment limits, and there may be some exclusions e.g. pre-existing conditions. If you are in doubt call Compass Health Agency.

Where Can I Get Advice?

The most common breaks in health insurance coverage are caused by job changes but there are other reasons. If you foresee a short-term gap in coverage or a potential change in circumstance call us for a short-term medical insurance quote.


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