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The Compass Health Agency Subsidy Calculator is a quick way to learn if you qualify for insurance subsidies or a premium tax credit. You might also qualify for tax credits on your monthly insurance payments (the “premium”).

Our online calculator instantly provides estimates of your premiums, from multiple insurance companies. Its an easy way to see any subsidies that you and your family are eligible to receive. Simply provide your income (a range based on individual/family household), age, size of your family, and our tool then estimates the eligible subsidies.

Compass Health Agency designed this powerful tool to also provide details on premium tax credits. Our entire team has built its reputation on finding affordable health insurance for our clients. Our tool can also determine if you qualify for Medicaid.

Subsidies vary by State. For further queries on enrollment, you need to contact your Medicaid office or the Exchange.

Using the Compass Health Agency Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator is easy.

Subsidy Calculator

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Two Most-Cited Reasons for These Increases

Compass Health Agency’s Subsidy Calculator tool will tell you if you are eligible for subsidies. If you qualify, it then gives a breakdown of the subsidy and other details on each health insurance plan. Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR’s) make Great Health Care Possible for Everyone.

The Affordable Care Act created cost-sharing reductions (CSR) that are “extra savings” opportunities; discounts that lower the total amount you pay for health insurance deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Once qualified for the additional cost-sharing reductions you must enroll in a Silver Metal tier health plan. The Silver plans available in each State are the ONLY plans that receive these “extra savings.”

You might also contact an independent Insurance Agent to help you find the best health coverage.

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